Windows 10 Uninstall Apps

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Thankfully the process itself is pretty straightforward, and with this handy guide on how to split your screen on Windows 10, you’ll be carving up your screen in no time. You can use one of the standard methods for switching between windows and apps, like Alt+Tab, but you may prefer Windows Split Screen. Repeat Step 2 for the second window, this time dragging it to the right side of the screen before releasing the mouse. The window will take up the right half of the screen. Release the mouse to snap that window to the right side of the screen. It should now fill half the screen, or the corner if you dragged it there.

It’s slightly more flexible, however, and consists of a few cool, extra tools such as snapping small windows together and other sweet gimmicks. If you don’t see that option in the Mission Control menu, make sure you’ve updated to MacOS 10.11 or later. You can check your current OS version by clicking the Apple icon in the top left menu and then selecting About this Mac. If you’re using More Info an earlier version, you’ll have to update by clicking the Software Update button on that screen.

Everyone that said Windows 10 would be the last version of Windows doesn’t work there anymore. Panos Panay is in charge of Windows now, and he’s something of a showman. Windows 11 offers excellent support for virtual desktops, which allow you to use several desktops, and switch between them easily. This allows you to keep organised by having separate desktops for work and pleasure, for example. Microsoft has always given Windows users a good deal of control over how their computer uses power, and this is something that continues with Windows 11. You should also check out our guide on how to spot fake Windows 11 downloads for more information on keeping yourself protected.

  • Bluetooth & other devicesNow on your PC, click on Add Bluetooth or other devices.
  • What can’t be changed is some of the functionality Microsoft removed compared to the Windows 10 version, but Microsoft is taking steps to rectify this.
  • As the name implies, Windows 11 is the eleventh major release of the OS and will bring with it a number of major feature and functionality updates.
  • Right-click on the taskbar and select “Screen Split”.

The first layout splits the screen into two equal parts on the left and right-hand sides of the display. Just left-click on the top ribbon of the window that you want to get snapped hold it for a long and then drag the mouse to the left or right side of the screen where you want to adjust it. Along with this, you can also decide whether at the time when you snap a window it must automatically get sized to fill the available space. And if a snapped window is resized the adjacent snapped window must also be resized. In case you are unable to split the windows, enable the multitasking feature in settings first, as shown above.

How to Create a Single Split Screen in XP

Uninstalling iTunes and its tiny components can also be a hassle, so if you’re stuck with them, refer to Apple’s latest guide for uninstalling. When it opens, navigate to the app’s installation folder. This is most likely in Local Disk C in the Program Files or Program Files folders. If you can see the app on the right pane, then you could also uninstall it from there. Then select the “Control Panel” search result at the top. Follow any required steps to complete the process.

If your Bluetooth enabled device is unresponsive or sluggish, make sure it isn’t close to any other plugged in USB device. This can cause problems since USB devices that aren’t shielded can interfere with Bluetooth signals and connections. How to remove a device in Windows Device Manager Open the Device Manager. In the Device Manager, click the ‘+’ image or arrow subsequent to the device sort you need to remove. Highlight the device you need to remove and press the Del in your keyboard. Go to settings, Bluetooth, and discover your speaker .

How to Boot Into Safe Mode Using the System Configuration (msconfig.exe) Tool in Normal Mode

Windows 10 is supported until 2025, so there’s no immediate rush to upgrade. In a year, or even two years, Windows 11 will be in a much more „complete” state, and that’s when it might be worth giving another try. It’s fair to say that Microsoft took the whole „making Windows simpler” to heart when it comes to the File Explorer. That said, all the legacy File Explorer functions are still there if you need them. Microsoft hasn’t removed any functionality in that regard.

All this uses up crucial disk space and can quickly lead to a slowdown in performance. Depending on the manufacturer, your Windows 10 device might come with lots of apps built-in that you never use. In this article, I will show you how to Uninstall Apps from Windows 10, This article provides detailed instructions on how to completely uninstall Apps from Windows 10. Tap and hold the app you want to uninstall for a couple of seconds, to display the tiles options.

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